A microchip is recommended by the RSPCA as an effective way of
permanently linking pets to their owners, increasing the chances of
them being reunited if the animal is lost, stolen or strays.

Microchipping is as simple as an injection. A tiny microchip - the size
of a grain of rice - is quickly inserted under the animal's skin. Once in,
the microchip cannot move or be seen, but can be read by the
scanner. The microchip details are then registered with Petlog who
will record the information in their database for life.

The Petlog scheme provides a fast, fool-proof way of identifying your
pet, wherever it is found. The RSPCA, as well as many other animal
welfare organisations, vets and dog wardens, have scanners which can
read the microchip's details. More than 450,000 animals have been
microchipped in the past five years in the UK alone.

Hugpets Services now offer pet microchipping within your home for
that peace-of-mind. Your pet can now feel comfortable and settled  
without having to go to the vets to have the microchip.

All of our microchips are ISO approved and compliant with The Pet
Travel Scheme (PETS).

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